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  • MAGNIFICENT DESIGN :- These Decorative urns are Engraved with Angel Wings on them which makes these urns unique from all the other Cremation urns, These Wings make it a Perfect Gift. Choose this Keepsake urn to remember your loved one's and give them peace.

  • SIZE and CAPACITY :- DIMENSION 10" X 6". These Burial urns have 6 inches of Diameter and a HEIGHT of 10 inches. It has the capacity of holding 200 cubic inch of ashes.

  • MATERIAL AND DURABILITY :- This Large Urn for ashes is casted from dense aluminum with a screw top lid. The aluminum makes it Light, Durable, Unique and shiny. The design made with color coating excluding the Wings is magnificent.

  • ART TO HONOR :- A long-lasting place of rest. Honor them with a Beautiful keepsake urn pedestal, as the life they lived. These Large urns for human ashes are not only a Keepsake for memories, they capture the essence of those we love.

  • MULTIPURPOSE URN FOR ASHES :- These ANGEL WINGS urn for human ashes are Suitable in every situation, A Perfect Gift, Used for both Male & Female Ashes, To honor Mom & Dad. These WINGS Engraved urn for adult human ashes are Far better from every other cremation urn to show Respect & Honor.


    These Decorative Angel Wings Urns for human ashes are handmade with our best artisans, The ANGEL WINGS design is a particular design of URN which gives you peace, whenever you look at this URN you will feel Happy for your loved one for whom you have chosen this keepsake. This design is very unique and Particular to Honor the one you have lost.

    For its durability and to make it Light Aluminum is used to made this Beautiful Angel Urn, Handcrafted and Engraved with the best WINGS Design, Also the Color Coating on this large Urn has its own designing, A velvet BAG is also provided with the URN to keep the ashes. The Best Affordable Urn you can find to Honor someone. Size 10" x 6" , Weight :-2.64, Capacity 200 Cubic inch.


    To Choose the proper size for your loved one you need to know the weight of the deceased one pound will approximately be equal to one cubic inch of ash. For Example: A cremated 100 pound person will yield almost 100 cubic inches of ashes. 1 pound healthy body weight = 1 cubic inch ash. (Approximately)

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    Angel Wings Urns for Ashes Decorative Urns for Human Ashes Adult- Burial urns for cremated remains Funeral Ashes Urn Cremation Urns for human ashes Adult Male & Female with Velvet Bag Blue - B4GA4KM9O