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  • Decorative JUG in Byzantine style.

  • High quality Italian crafts.

  • Available more decorative items with different sizes and themes.

  • Perfect as a decorative element, original gift idea for special occasions.

  • Measures: 3,94'' x 3,15'' x 7,09'' (10cm x 8cm x 18cm)

  • Ceramic decorative JUG in Byzantine style completely handpainted. High quality product made in the heart of Italy. The elaboration of the pieces is entirely handmade. To obtain Byzantine decoration, the first step is the creation of clay forms, which is made with a mold or hand-modeled with a particular tool called "Tornio". The "Foggiatore" is the one who works on this instrument and gives harmonious and original forms. The next step is the decoration of the clay product through the technique of "Graffitura": the object is engraved by hand using a thick-pointed needle, making the characteristic stitches of the piece. Once the pieces are molded, it is baked at 1070ºC in a special oven. After the first firing, the product is decorated for the first time with a brush with all colors except gold, then it is recoated for the second time at 1000ºC and then it is enriched with dissolved liquid gold, with particules resins, which during the third and last firing of 720ºC are burned and leaving only 24 carat gold on the surface. Attention: Handpainted pieces. Colours, sizes and shapes may suffer slight differences. Clean with a dry cloth.

    ART ESCUDELLERS Cermic Multicolored JUG Handpainted with 24K Gold Decorated in Byzantine Green Style. 3,94'' x 3,15'' x 7,09'' - BP3YXPUWM