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  • 100% Wooden

  • Imported

  • Dry Clean Only

  • Mahakala Hand Carving Wooden Mask from Nepal made of soft wood for Hanging on Wall or Decorative.

  • Super Fine Quality Mahakala (Bhairab) Carved Wooden Mask with Perfect example of Special Handicraft hand painted of Nepal

  • Approx 12 X 9.5-10 Inch Large - Himalayan Crafted Wooden Mask Craft of Nepal

  • No.1 Quality, Made of Traditional wood made in Nepal with Wall Hanging Hook from Behind of the Mask.

  • Classic Mask Carving of Shiva's another from in a terrible position and the most distinctive tantric form of shiva, best for collection, Healing, Decoration or Even Present..Due to Handmade Nature and Antique Pieces Main Colors are same but strips Colors May come 5%-10% different than actual image colors on some parts of (Stripe) Mask

  • QT S Handcrafted Hand carved Bhairab Wooden Mask Amazing arts, Lord Bhairab is considered to be the incarnation (Avatar) of Lord Shiva. Bhairab has number of different forms. he is Shiva's another from in a terrible position and the most distinctive tantric form of shiva. He is nude, black or dark blue in color, sometimes on white. He has rolling eyes, many arms but usually one head. In his hands are weapons, skull-cup, a wand with 3 skulls or a noose. He wears a necklace, garland, of skulls and has skulls in his crown. Hi hair is unruly. He may wear sandals and is often standing on a recumbent figure. It is believed that Bhairb is a god of strength, power and protect you and your home from all bad things from your life. Mask Size: 10 x 9 inches. A great decorative wall hanging/collectibles Mask.

    Bhairab Antique Hand Crafted Wooden Wall Hanging Mask of Hindu God 12" X 10" Bhairab Black for Decorative the Wall Hanging Lord Mahakal Bhairab Wooden Mask Handmade in Nepal - BPWKFW1N0