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  • ✔️[High quality material]-Made of high-quality materials, strong and durable, long service life. The superb craftsmanship and attention to detail are amazing! It looks really eye-catching better than picture-like hair

  • ✔️[unique design] -The decoration on this shelf is absolutely amazing. The details are great. The eyes are so realistic and almost frightening, the glowing red LED eyes follow the guests' advanced technology to make scary Halloween props! The details are great, the eyes are so realistic, almost scary

  • ✔️[Resin jewelry]-In addition to the dazzling brilliance on the bookshelf, people will also feel very happy when they see the bookshelf peeking at their reactions

  • ✔️[striking]-It looks better than the picture-extremely fine, fine hair is really eye-catching

  • ✔️[Multifunction]-This creative monster book holder can be used for desks, desktops, bookshelves, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, schools, holiday decorations, and add Halloween style. Bookends will make your room/office/library look more atmospheric

  • Thank you for choosing us BLI BYAN among the vast crowd. We are committed to the innovation of bookshelves. You can rest assured to use our products to bring convenience to your life Peeping at the bookshelf monster, peeping at the personalized bookends on the bookshelf Absolutely amazing work! Amazing craftsmanship! Amazing amazing! love it! 1. There are glorious decorations on any bookshelf. When people see the bookshelf peeking at them, they will be happy to see their reaction 2. This job is great. The details are great. The eyes are so realistic, almost frightening 3. Absolutely amazing works! Amazing craftsmanship! amazing! love it 4. It looks better than the extreme thinning in the picture, the thinning hair is really eye catching 5. Superb craftsmanship and attention to details Product Name: Bookend Color: 4 styles as shown in the picture Material: Resin Weight: 400g Size: 21x14x6CM (8.3x5.5x2.3 inches) include: 1x bookend note: Due to manual measurement, please allow a deviation of 1 3cm The actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitors and lighting effects

    BLI BYAN Peeping Bookshelf Monster Peeping on The Bookshelf Personalized Bookends Creative Resin Decorative Bookends Monster Decorative Book Ends for Home Office Book Shelf Holder A - BTHZXQDAK