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  • ✔ 【Small Keepsake Urn】: This mini keepsake urn is 1.6 inches tall. This is a small keepsake, fit in the palm of your hand and only hold a small amount of remains. Perfect for carrying, storing and sharing.

  • ✔ 【Share Urns】 : With a pretty engraving of R.I.P, Fishing in Heaven on the front. Not a full size adult urn, used for sharing purpose. Beautiful little container.

  • ✔ 【Capacity】: Small but perfect for family members,this Keepsake Urns can hold Small pinch of ashes, dried flowers,earth from a grave site, or a lock of hair.

  • ✔ 【Beautiful High Quality Urns 】: This Urn is made from the highest quality of material with superior craftsmanship and strict quality control, will not fade or tarnish. Last forever just like the memory it represents. Great way to keep your loved close by.

  • ✔ 【Screw Top Lid】 : The top unscrews to hold the ashes and then can be screwed securely back into place. Unique screw-top lid make sure the remains of your beloved rest in these durable cremation urns.

  • ✔ 【Ideal Gift】: This mini keepsake urn creates a beautiful tribute to your late loved ones. Small urns are meant to be shared among family and friends when desired. A beautiful way to keep your loved one's memory close to heart,let every loved one have a memory.

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