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  • The floral design hand fan is made out of a bamboo structure which gives it strength, endurance, and elegance so that it maintains its shape and doesn’t rip as easily as a paper fan. Plus, with the natural scent of bamboo, you can enjoy a natural breeze with your folding fan. Handmade with silk and bamboo

  • Natural Design – Covered with silk fabric painted with natural artistic work such as floral patterns including butterflies and so much more to provide a sense of freshness to your look. Also, the fan comes with a fabric sleeve painted with traditional ink to keep your fan safe and protected when not in use.

  • Suitable Size – The folding fan for women is designed precisely to fit your hand. The size of the open fan is 8.25 x 14.75 inches, while the folded compact size length is 8.25 x 1 x 0.4 inches. It is extremely lightweight, easy to carry and out away, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor usage.

  • Diverse Uses – From making a statement at a major event to decorating your home for a theme party, these folding floral hand fans come with a wide range of diverse uses which make them worth the investment for all. So let your creative mind sink into the whole hand fans vibe and explore its various uses.

  • Perfect Gift – The hand fans aren’t just an accessory or a décor piece, they carry a rich history and are linked to culture and tradition which makes them a great gift for Chinese, Japanese, and even Egyptian women. They are unique, they are classy, they are luxurious, making a perfect gift pack for the loved women in your life. NOTE, each fan is handmade and thus may look slightly different from photo

  • Lovely Japanese designs captured on silk make these fans a wonderfully distinctive accessory. They fold compactly to fit nicely into a purse, easily accessible to Ward off hot flashes or the heat on hot summer days. Each fan is handmade of silk and bamboo and may look slightly different from photo.

    Floral Patterned Hand Fans Vintage Silk and Japanese Lace Designs with Bamboo Frames Handheld Folding Fans Perfect for Weddings Parties and Church Events - B7HFIDG1A