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  • The crystal ball has a good symbolic meaning and is a feng shui ball. Crystal refers to hardness, strength, purity and friendliness. The shape of the spherical distributor is perfect. The crystal ball symbolizes good luck and safety. When placed in the home, it can make the home full of life.

  • Decorative ornaments: very suitable for home decoration, exquisite feng shui decorative crystal ball. The crystal ball home furnishings can be placed anywhere.

  • Shape creativity: The coral shape in the creative modern crystal ball is full of artistic flavor. Feel the fusion of art and life.

  • Material: Made of crystal, durable, strong and stable. Elegant crystal ball with smooth surface.

  • Dimensions: 3.15in, 3.94in. The patterns in each crystal ball are different, The crystal ball decorates every corner of life.

  • Suitable for companies, financial rooms, shops, families, hotels, cashiers, etc.
    Product name: Tabletop decorative crystal ball ornaments
    Product material: crystal ball
    Applicable scenarios: family, hotel restaurant, wedding banquet, outdoor, indoor, entrance, side cabinet, bedroom, bathroom, TV cabinet, office, desk, garden, any desktop, etc.
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    JIAQUAN-SHOP Crystal Ball Modern Creative Coral Crystal Ball Ornaments Wine Cabinet Living Room TV Cabinet Porch Office Home Desktop Decoration Clear Crystal Ball Color : White - BVZREJZVL