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  • A single centerpieces handmade Egyptian perfume bottle large (vial)

  • The bottle height approximately 6.5 inches (17 cm) Total height approximately 9.5 inches (23 cm)

  • Bottle can hold approximately 3.5 Ounce (100 ml.)

  • These large empty Egyptian perfume bottles in vintage style can be used for your perfume oil, essential oils, holy water, anointing oil, shelf decoration or as a part of the Arabian nights party decoration. NileCart colorful blown glass decorative bottles for home decor is a perfect gift idea direct from Egypt.

  • Coming in a secure packaging with NileCart Satisfaction Guarantee which cover also the shipping damages if any. All you have to do is just contact us with your order number. we will replace any damaged item for free.

  • From the world famous Egyptian glass. Made by NileCart in same traditional way of mouth-blowing and hand-finishing creating a very unique piece of art.

    NileCart™ Egyptian Perfume Bottle large size 9 in. handmade in Egypt For your perfume essential oils Egyptian decoration or party table centerpiece Honey - BXJIKA9JV