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  • Price Includes Custom Engraved Plaque

  • Cold Cast Resin

  • Exterior Dimensions: 12-7/8" W x 14-3/4" H x 9-1/4" D

  • Volume: 404 Cubic Inches

  • This Urn Has A Bottom Opening Panel Fastened With Four Small Screws To Insert The Cremains

  • Featuring an exceptionally detailed stag standing in the forest next to a tree, this stunning deer urn is the perfect final resting place for a hunter or nature lover. Our large deer cremation urn is made of cold-cast resin that has been rendered in an attractive bronze finish. Not only are the deer and the tree figures carefully crafted with fine details such as the texture of the bark and the hair on the deer's hide, even the base reveals pine cones and leaves. The bottom of the base opens with four small screws so that you can place your loved one's cremains safely inside.Engraved PlaqueMany cemeteries and funeral homes require that all cremation urns be clearly labeled with the name of the deceased, and it's a good idea to add engraving to your deer urn even if you plan to keep it at home. Our engraved plaque includes plenty of space for your loved one's name along with three additional sentiment lines -- all of which can include up to 65 characters. The engraving can be done in script or block font. The engraving is done on a separate plaque that you attach to the urn yourself.

    Perfect Memorials Custom Engraved Large Deer Cremation Urn - BSV5QYB0E