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  • Overall Dimensions: 5"W x 5"H x 5"D 5 Sided Display Box with Open Bottom Great for displaying collectibles, art, trophies or even baseballs or to be used as a pedestal Premium High Quality Acrylic Showcase Display Cube, Bin or Cover

  • Exquisite refineries and demand exquisite looking displays and our acrylic display block risers can help you achieve exactly that. The ideal method of displaying fine jewelry - such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more! Arrange one or more together or separately to achieve the display look you desire, The sleek design allows customers to easily view the items on display.

  • The showcase possibilities are endless for this multipurpose unit! This showcase pedestal adds style to any item without taking the attention away from the product. These cubes are perfect for displaying figurines, novelties or model toys. Place precious items such as vases or family collectibles you’d like to display but protect. These durable cubes provide an elegant presentation for your precious collectibles and rare items. Perfect for use in the home or office.

  • They are also used in retail settings and at trade shows and expos for displaying props. You can even use them at conventions to showcase your art and merchandise

  • Available in a multitude of different sizes, we have just what you’re looking for to make your merchandise shine and catch consumer attention. See how our acrylic block display stands will take your displays to the next level below!

  • Marketing Holders Acrylic Jewelry Display Box Cube 5" W x 5" H x 5" D Toys Trinkets Collectible Items Safety Dust Cover Square 5 Sided Showcase Art Easel Pedestal Display - B6REFJ52A